Voshon platt internment camp

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Voshon platt internment camp

Voshon platt internment camp

Our Children Saved Our Marriage Teenage pregnancy sometimes results in a hasty marriage—which, later on, results in a divorce. This is not that story. Okay, it almost was; but because of the Wentz children, this story has a very happy ending!

Meet the Wentz Family: Her grandmother, Virginia Seith, is a longtime faithful soldier, and is directly responsible for bringing the Wentz children to church at the Army for the past five years—which means she is indirectly also responsible for winning Stephanie and Andrew back to the Lord.

Everything seemed fine for a while. Two sisters and a brother joined chance, but by the time the marriage was in deep trouble.

The children were insistent, and at first, Stephanie went to church with them—then on a couple of Sundays, Andrew went.

Starting to worship as a family clicked for both of them, apparently, because the couple decided to work things out—this time with the help of Christ in control of their lives.

Two other important factors were in place for the marriage to be saved: After the holidays, they wanted me to continue working as the janitor at the Hope Center and the corps building. They also got Andrew in the bargain—two for the price of one.

InStephanie and Andrew took the Soldiership Class course, and in November they were enrolled, with their children becoming Junior Soldiers. Andrew and Stephanie are considering Salvation Army officership, but before they go off to the Crestmont training college at in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, they would love to see someone step in to replace them as leaders of the Casper Corps youth ministry.

A lot of good came out of the prayers of four loving children, and a proud grandmother: It has been 10 years since Hurricane Katrina laid waste to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and nearly erased New Orleans from the face of the earth.

Thanks in part to EDS, the devastated areas have rebounded considerably. Our disaster relief is also flexible. We adapt services to specific needs. And the addition of partner organizations like Southern Baptist Disaster Relief and HopeForce International has freed Salvation Army officers to take on duties as pastors to victims, as well as relief and recovery workers and volunteers.

The only disaster site for Katrina would have been the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and that was bad enough! It was a nightmare of two natural disasters in one: In the 10 years following Katrina, The Salvation Army has played a monumental role.

The Army assisted individuals and families with immediate needs and rebuilt thousands of homes during the long-term recovery phase. This is particularly true of the neighborhood hit hardest, the Lower Ninth Ward, where one can see a beautiful home on one reclaimed lot and an abandoned, dilapidated one next door.

Chela Clark is a caseworker at area command in New Orleans.

Hurricane Katrina wreaked water and wind damage on her house, but living on the West Bank in Gretna saved her home from the destruction seen on national media. Chela is still amazed that the Army processed roughly clients a day in the following months—providing transportation and distributing vouchers for immediate needs, supermarket gift cards, furniture and clothing.

There are many stories from Katrina of heroics performed by Salvation Army officers, employees and volunteers, such as that of Majors Richard and Fay Brittle, New Orleans area commanders at the time. As floodwaters rose to nearly the second floor of the four-story Center of Hope—a complex offering shelter and transitional housing for individuals and families—the Brittles and residents were confined to the top floor, praying for help to arrive.

With no power and no ability to communicate with the outside world, Major Richard was forced to begin rationing the remaining food. Marooned for days, he and his wife refused to eat, and when help finally arrived he required an IV and was evacuated by stretcher onto a National Guard helicopter.Susan Noyes Platt Patrick Pringle.

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Voshon platt internment camp

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David. 4 hours ago · Platt thwarts Middletown’s comeback attempt. Paul Augeri’s news and notes: Xavier will forge ahead in SCC. Its namesake World War II-era Japanese internment camp is less apparent.

Sep 05,  · voshon Platt Internment Camp Voshon Miller Period 5 During the s the United States Imprisoned many Japanese Americans in internment camps due to the then ongoing World War II, with them fighting Germany, Italy, and Japan, The putting of the Japanese Americans in these camps due to their background was a .

3 days ago · A U.S. company that stocks college bookstores with t-shirts and other team apparel cut ties Wednesday, Jan. 9, , with a Chinese company that drew workers from an internment camp . Captain Marion Platt (USA South) brought a stirring message, calling on youth to arise and shine in the Lord.

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“It can seem that darkness is covering the earth. His grandparents were Salvation Army officers and were housed for the duration of World War Two in a Japanese Internment Camp. His mother (as a child) was also there.

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