Psychiatry thesis on methyl isocyanate gas victims

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Psychiatry thesis on methyl isocyanate gas victims

Much has been researched and written about how advertising works and produces its effects,but it is important to appreciate that there are few definitive answers because of the nature of the subject itself. According to exposure and familiarity modle,simply repeated exposure to advertising can develop preferences in the audience.

Psychiatry thesis on methyl isocyanate gas victims

The exposure effect occurs at some preconscious level as a result of pictures,text,or colour in the ads. Another explanation is that repeated exposure to ads creates a feeling of familiarity with the advertised product or service and familiarity leads to favourable evaluation and liking.

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The sequential order suggests that advertising effects are produced over a period of time and that advertising may not produse desired effects immediately.

The type of purchase behavior depicted by these models is usually more relevant to highinvolvement purchases. According to low-involvement learning modle, TV is described as low-involvement medium. Audience have little opportunity to think about any commercial. It is just a fleeting moment in time.

The commercial cannot be slowed down or stopped as per the convenience of the audience. It is believed that frequent repetition of an ad on TV can impart reliability to the product that can build brand preference,Many scholars view consumer involvement as an important variable that can help in explaining message processing and purchase decision by consumers.

Consumer involvement could be high or low and its nature may be rational or emotional. Kim-Lord grid proposes that consumer may be simultaneously involved rationally and emotionally.

The location… of product on Kim —Lord grid can help determining whether the ad copy should be more emotional or rational. According to ELM model,the depth of information processing by the audience as a result of exposure to advertisement is a key factor in persuasion by influencing attitudes.

The depth of information processing would depend on the motivation and ability of the audience member. If either is missing ,peripheral route to persuasion will result.

methyl isocyanate (MIC) exposed long-term survivors and in their offspring, focusing on the etiological 3rd, , in Bhopal. This descriptive study is based on hospital registration of cancer patients those are MIC gas victims and their subsequently born offspring. Morbidity status was studied on the basis of gender, age, organ and. The of and to a psychiatry thesis on methyl isocyanate gas victims in that is was he for it with as his on be at by i this had.. This page is an archive of our past in-store events. The International Medical Commission on Bhopal (IMCB) As an example, ignorance about whether the main poison, methyl isocyanate, could decompose to deadly cyanide gas, led to years of acrimonious debate on the merits of treating the gas victims for cyanide poisoning.

But if the audience member has both the motivation and the ability to process information,the central route to persuasion will occur. Attitudes formed as a result of central route to information processing are more resistant to subsequent efforts to change with respect to attitude object.

Answer the following question. What is the case all about? What are the advantages of repeated exposure to ads? It advertised its retail promotions in local newspapers. Its TV advertising was mainly aimed at building store image and did not address retail promotions. The management kewn it well that they had to advertise their retail promotions more,but they did not feel comfortable with the effectiveness of persent efforts and wanted to better understand the impact of their present promotions.

Based on the research findings,different product lines that would appeal to the target customer were selected. The retail promotion was run for a full week.

Full-page advertisements were released each day in the two local Hindi newspapers,and also in one English newapaper that devotes six pages to the coverage of the state. Each evening,a sample of target market customers were interviewed by telephone as follows: Target customers were asked if they had read the newspaper that day.

This was done to determine their exposure to advertisement. After a general description of the product lines,the respondents were asked to recall any related retail advertisements they had seen or read.

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If the respondents were accurate in their ad interpretation ,they were asked to express their intentions to purchase. Respondents were also asked for suggestions to be incorporated in future promotions targeted at this consumer segment.

Immediately after the close of promotion,target market customers were surveyed to determine what percentage of the target market actually purchased the promoted products. It also determined which sources of information influenced them in their decision to purchase and the amount of their purchase.

The largest area of lost opportunity was due to those who did not accurately interpret the ad copay. The post-promotion survey indicated that only 4. The retail promotion was judged as successful in many ways,besides yielding sales worth Rs.In , Union Carbide chemical industry met with an accident, which involved the leak of the poisonous gas methyl isocyanate (MIC).

The victims who inhaled MIC were subjected to cyanide poisoning with necrosis of the cells in the respiratory tract.

The of and to a psychiatry thesis on methyl isocyanate gas victims in that is was he for it with as his on be at by i this had..

This page is an archive of our past in-store events. Other Essays On Bhopal Gas Tragedy Psychoanalysis And Freud words - 10 pages Psychoanalysis is a system of psychology originated by the Viennese physician Sigmund FREUD in the 's and then further developed by himself, his students, and other followers.

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Methyl isocyanate is a clear, colourless liquid with a pungent odour. It has a molecular weight of , boiling point at mm Hg of °C (°F) [6 Vijayan, V.K. Bhopal gas disaster. This system sharply decreased mortality rates among victims of mine explosion and of other trauma, and is a good example of how pre-hospital care can be improved at low cost without developing ambulance systems ().

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